Sensory Programmes

Sensory Programmes

Ride High Equestrian Centre is set in 37 acres of countryside in the heart of central Milton Keynes.Our Centre has easily accessible green space where young people can get active,learn new skills and enjoy being outdoors.

The team at Ride High have more than a decade’s experience delivering learning and engaging programmes, working with agencies and schools to deliver tailored programmes for children and young people.

Our Sensory Programme is for children aged 4+, with sessions lasting one hour.

The Programme offers an innovative approach to help children and young people engage with the world around them. Working with the senses can make learning more accessible, communication easier and for some children and young people it can help develop their ability to multi task. Multi-sensory learning takes into account that different people learn in different ways and it can provide an easier route for some children and young people to connect with what they are learning.

For example, those who struggle with visual or auditory processing may find it challenging to learn through only reading or listening. Sensory learning appeals to the kinaesthetic learner and often makes it easier to understand information, connecting familiar knowledge with new learning and building communication and engagement.

Our equestrian centre provides a wonderful environment to learn through multi-sensory teaching and children and young people are delighted to explore sensory learning in this setting.

Who is the programme for?

Children and young people aged 4+ who may benefit from extra support due to Autism Spectrum Disorders and/or a range of other developmental challenges.

The programme aims to:
  • Build connections with our staff and our horses
  • Develop communication skills
  • Multi-task more easily
  • Enjoy learning and interacting with others
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence
  • Enhance engagement.
How it works:
  • This is a non-ridden programme which consists of weekly modules, running over 6 or 12 weeks. We recommend a minimum of 12 weeks to gain maximum benefits.
  • The programme runs with a maximum of 4 children or young people and each programme is tailored to meet the needs and ability of each group.
  • To prepare children, we send a short video for them to feel familiar with the Equestrian Centre before their first visit.
  • Programmes are outcome-driven and we can use a range of methods to evaluate and feed back progress.
  • Sessions last 1 hour.

For further information please contact Sam Ball.