Our Environmental Impact

At Ride High we take our environmental responsibilities seriously – here are some examples of how we are working to limit and reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint, to help safeguard the world for the next generation of children.  Please click on the icons for more information:

We encourage, where appropriate, the use of travel alternatives such as working from home, e-mail, video, or phone conferencing.

We use technology to reduce our carbon foootprint

We encourage our staff and volunteers to walk, cycle or use public transport.

We encourage sustainable transport


All computers, printers, and other electrical equipment are shut down at night.

We are energy conscious


Manure is removed from our site by Cawleys and composted for use as fertilisers to be spread on local fields.

Our horse waste is used to improve the environment

Children and young people are transported via a minibus to and from Ride High in groups, reducing individual journeys and helping to reduce carbon emissions.

We provide transportation for charity members

We’ve insulated our buildings and repaired and replaced the rooves and windows.

We have made energy efficiency improvements to buildings


Most of our office equipment and furniture is recycled from other businesses and saved from landfill.

We use repurposed and recycled office equipment


We use automatic watering systems for our horses to reduce water waste. Our supply is metered and we regularly check our pipes and taps across the site to eradicate leaks and wastage.

We are water conscious

Our horse bedding is straw, which is sourced locally, has minimal packaging (string!) and is a natural by-product of farming. Soiled bedding can be easily recycled back into the soil, and acts as a great fertiliser.

We use environmentally friendly horse bedding

We purchase recycled and recyclable paper products and reuse or recycle as much as possible.

We are green consumers


We minimise the use of paper in the office, have cut back our promotional printing and are moving towards a paper free environment.

We minimise the use of paper


We choose the greenest cleaning materials and chemicals possible.

We make environmentally friendly choices