Pony Pamper Parlour Evening

On Tuesday 12 March members of the Ride High Equestrian Centre Pegasus Club joined us for a Pony Pamper Parlour evening.

The children worked in small groups, with each team assigned a pony to groom and decorate.  Once they had thoroughly groomed the ponies and learned how to pick out and paint hooves and brush out tails, the children moved on to decorating. They learned how to plait manes and tails and had great fun working in teams to make the ponies look stunning with feathers, tinsel and ribbons! 

The evening finished with a parade and an awards ceremony with rosettes.  Everyone had a great time, including George, Mishka, Gunner, Splash and Tinks who all thoroughly enjoyed being the centre of attention.

We will definitely be holding another Pegasus Pony Pamper Parlour evening later this year!

More photos from the evening below:

Ride High Equestrian Centre Pegasus Club members March 2019 pony fun

Pony Pamper Parlour Evening