Make your mark on the Equestrian Centre!

In June this year, as part of the Ride High charity’s 10-year celebrations, the childrens’ team designed 2 beautiful equine murals to be permanently displayed on the doors of our Indoor School. 

We’re now offering our friends and clients the opportunity to sponsor a piece of the mural and support Ride High, as all money raised will be given to the charity.  You can either come into the equestrian centre and paint a piece yourself or nominate the Ride High children to paint it on your behalf. 

If you would like to get involved and sponsor a piece – either as an individual, family or business, please give Reception a call or email us

Here’s a photo of the mural plans and one of the murals in progress:

The plan for the murals at Ride High Equestrian Centre and a mural in progress

Make your mark on the Equestrian Centre!